ReachOut Campaigns is a movement that has been pivotal to saving lives, and populating God’s Kingdom; using Rhapsody of Realities because of its unique message. People from different countries and races have participated in previous ReachOut Campaigns in various regions, and the testimonies that have followed are remarkable. We and our Esteemed Partners globally indulge in the spreading of the gospel in a more effective way by celebrating the Word of God during a Country’s National day, Festival, and Holidays, thereby impacting nations of the world through FREE DISTRIBUTION OF RHAPSODY OF REALITIES and through REACHOUT CAMPAIGNS with Rhapsody of Realities.

The intent of ReachOut Middle East 2013 is to impact all the people from, and in the Middle East with God’s Word and at the same time initiate a positive change of mindset and promote a victorious life in them.

This year, ReachOut Campaigns is pulling out all stops with the REACHOUT MIDDLE EAST 2013 in which ONE MILLION copies of Rhapsody of Realities will be downloaded from August till February 2014, an unprecedented feat that will go down in Middle East history!

You might even ask: “Can a book really cause a change?” Well, maybe not overnight, but it can inspire the thoughts of change and reformation, which will bring a much needed renaissance in our world.



  • SIGN-UP:  The first step towards participation in ReachOut Campaigns is to sign-up. This automatically enables you to download your copy of the world’s best-selling daily devotional for free. It also opens you to a world of unlimited possibilities as you will receive regular updates and tips for a complete and consistent victorious life.
  • DOWNLOAD: Download and read the daily devotional every day. The messages are inspired from God’s word to ensure you have a great day. The revelations, teachings, anecdotes and illustrations, word-based prayers and confessions, proven one-year, and two-year Bible reading plans are all guaranteed to improve and enrich your walk of Faith.
  • REFER: Once you have completed your download, you will have the gracious privilege to extend this special opportunity to your loved ones. You can refer as many people as you want to download Rhapsody of Realities free. And as you refer people, you also have the privilege to win exciting prizes and be featured as our star of the week.
  • SHARE: What’s more, you can announce it to the whole world by sharing the good news on your social networks! Simply click on the share button and all your circle of friends, followers and subscribers will receive a message from you instantly.
  • JOIN: Finally, you also have the privilege of joining our network of partners in giving lives a meaning. You too can sponsor copies of Rhapsody of Realities to be given freely to others across the world. Just click on “JOIN US” and begin your triumphal access into a world of unlimited possibilities.

Official ReachOut Campaigns Middle East Website Coming soon. Follow Blog to receive information and updates.


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