The largest country in the world, Russia, is brewing for a special time of celebration and fanfare as another Russian Day comes up on the 12th day of June. This annual holiday, officially launched in 1992, was designed to celebrate the existence of the Russian nation. It is also on this day that the ReachOut Campaign 2012 for Russia was held; a perfect complement for the National Day.

Great expectations and excitement is in the air as ReachOut Russia 2013 gains momentum in the European and Asian nation. An aftereffect of the impact made by last year’s campaign.

The 2012 celebration was awesome and memorable with the ReachOut Campaigns. It was not only a moment to celebrate the nation but also an opportunity to reach out with the love of God. The ReachOut Campaign started on the 2nd of June 2012 with a Charity movement called the “Soup Kitchen”. This Charity was held every Saturday, throughout the month of June. Partners of the Rhapsody of Realities reached out to the homeless people who lived around the train stations with food and clothes as they shared the word of God with them. Over 80 people befitted from this laudable project.

On the 9th of June 2012, Partners of the Rhapsody of Realities visited the Dom Maos Orphanage in Tver bearing gifts of clothes, shoes and writing materials for the 252 children who found a haven in the orphanage. Free copies of the Rhapsody of Realities were also given to the children and staff members of the Dom Maos. The children and the management of the orphanage were extremely delighted to have the Partners. It was the first time a Christian organization came to succor the children. This move also educed the support of the foreign education ministry of Tver.

The D-day, June 12 2012 was a climax of the events as the Partners marched out in colorful branded outfits, storming malls, parks and public centers, celebrating the transformation of the nation in a carnival that attracted many people from different walks of life. Many who received free copies of the Messenger Angel started reading immediately while some even requested for more to give their folks who were not present at the carnival.

Once again, the Partners of the Rhapsody of Realities are getting set for an even more spectacular ReachOut Russia 2013. This year promises to be more exciting as the Partners have started strategizing for bigger charity projects and a sweeping impact.





The 17th of May, every year, is a day when the nation of Norway celebrates her independence. This day ignites so much exuberance among citizens and residents of the Nordic nation. Streets filled with celebration, people dressed in national colours, singing and partying in remembrance of how the country was liberated in 1905 from oppressive powers, which restricted her of her independence for many centuries.

The Norwegian Independence Day celebration of 2012 was very different and unique in every step of the way as Partners of the Rhapsody of Realities transformed the event and re-wrote history. It was commonplace to see people friendly and frenzied on the Independence Day; but it was unusual, until then, to see groups of people giving out free books and spreading numinous salvation on a day set-apart to celebrate mundane salvation.

The Partners were dressed in Norwegian national colours as they paraded the streets of Oslo in intense joy and delight. They practically redefined “Independence” to the Scandinavian nation. The people were initially perturbed, but after they listened to the message from the Partners; they were not only delighted but also joined the march.

It’s awesome what the word of God can do. Several thousands of Rhapsody of Realities was given to residents of the Nordic capital city on the day. Now, in 2013, Norway is bracing for another historic moment with the Rhapsody of Realities as the people are looking forward to another opportunity to be blessed in a unique way that only the world’s bestselling devotional can do.

May 17, for every year to come, will not only be celebrated by the Norwegians as Independence Day, but also as salvation day. Thanks to our Messenger Angel.


ReachOut Cameroon 2012

My alarm clock went off on Monday morning. I had deliberately kept the alarm far from my bedside so that I would not slam it off once it buzzes off, I would have to walk a few yards before I could turn it off. The sound was so loud and disturbing that I jumped off the bed and walked hurriedly to the clock. It was 5:30am. By the time I turned off the alarm I was fully awake. I had my talking sessions for about fifteen minutes then dashed into the bathroom. Few minutes after, I was fully dressed in my special costume, a shirt, pants, hat and shoes, all in the Cameroonian national colours. I spent a little more time in front of the mirror doing my face-paint. When I checked the time again, it was a quarter to seven already. Jeez!  I dashed out of my apartment, headed for the church premises.

I got to church a few minutes after seven and by then the church was getting full already. The brethren were praying in tongues. I got in the midst of them, grabbed the hands of the two people on my left and right and started speaking in tongues. After a while, Pastor ended the session with an authoritative prayer and then went on to address us, giving us specific instructions for the day. When he was through, I was already feeling the word in my spirit and I just wanted to dash out and start showing some love.

It was the 21st of May, the Labour Day in Cameroon. I stepped out of the church premises in the company of other Partners of the Rhapsody of Realities. The city of Yaoundé was already awake and despite the fact that it was the Labour Day, everyone stopped to look at us. Many even approached us and inquired whom we are and what we were celebrating.

I was very fulfilled to be in the company of other Partners of the Messenger Angel, not just because of the magnificence of our company but because we gave life on that day. Everyone who received a copy of the Rhapsody of Realities left with joy in his or her heart.

We had the ReachOut Cameroon 2012 at the monument of Cameroon’s reunification, which symbolizes the oneness of Cameroon as a unitary state, promoting the peace, prosperity and patriotism in Cameroon. The sound of drums, vuvuzela and singing filled the air as we preached the gospel and gave out free copies of the ROR.

We also embarked on community development projects as part of our campaign. We gave out fifty-five [55] branded Safety Helmets in Limbe Municipality to commercial bike riders and a council Hospital in Limbe received new branded lockers from us as well. Seventeen thousand, two hundred and eighty-one [17,281] souls were won to Christ because of our campaign.

When I got home in the evening, the excitement in me was so intense I could not even eat. It’s already quarter past one in the morning and I am not even feeling sleepy. I wish every day was a ReachOut Day; we would get salvation to the whole world in a lot quicker time.

P.S: Since then, several Outreaches and fellowships have been birthed; including Kumbo Outreach, Ngaoundere, Mbalmayo, Kribi, and Ebolowa and in other regions because of the impact of ReachOut Cameroon 2012.